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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh,Christmas tree?

Hi there! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was delicious and I still feel full (and yet that hasn't stopped me from eating!)
So I've been so busy cleaning up Thanksgiving and getting out Christmas that I totally forgot to post yesterday. I remembered at about 11 pm when I was climbing into bed and there was no way I was going to climb back out!
I haven't really been in the Christmas creative mood,(GASP!) I had no idea what or how I was going to decorate. I pulled out my stuff and just started going.....

Somehow I ended up with a polka dot/bird theme on my tree(s), I don't know quite yet what to make of it.

I had some "blank" ornaments so I added my own polkdots by using craft acrylic paint in white....

And using the round end of one of those pointy dowels that come in batting. You could use anything round.

HAhaha! Well there you go, so random!

It's a stand of 3 Alpine trees. This is one side.

This is the other.

Here's a fun sign I hang on one of the trunks.

Here it is completed( don't you love the cord, I have tucked it behind the trunk now so you can't see it)
Don't be surprised if this is all you see of Christmas from me.....well I do still have the mantel above my fireplace but we all know how much I love doing those!
Bye for now!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Have Yourself A... Merry Little Christmas

I've been away from posting since the weather last week was an amazing 65 degrees!! I've been busy trying to put together a puzzle of these outside.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like your house all lit up at night. This will be our 2nd year with Christmas lights and I'm trying to add a little bit each year.  How is your holiday decorating going? Lights or no lights?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thrift Store Glam

Recently I've heard this phrase "thrift store glam" being thrown around and I think I like it! This would have to be one those projects!

I saw something like this at a consignment store and it's so easy to do!
I gathered a bunch of frames from the thrift store and rummaged around the bins of utensils and found some fun and interesting pieces. You could also use that family silverware that's just sitting in the china hutch drawer!

I decided to do monochromatic greens, so I painted the frames different shades of green.

I also used different shades of green paper and glued the utensils on using dabs of hot glue.

See how sad this wall is above my windows in the kitchen?!

Ahh, much better!

This would also be fun for Thanksgiving center pieces, especially if you use old family utensils, a great conversation starter!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week of Projects: Mantel Re-do

(For the Fifth time!) Yeah, so I have decorated and redecorated my mantel a million, billion times (so it feels) and I think I might finally like it.
If you remember last week I was busy doing projects and still have a couple that I want to finish by Thanksgiving.

Here is one I finished:
I wanted topiaries on the mantel, flanking the pictures but I didn't want to spend $50 dollars on one! So after looking it over, it looked like it would be something that I could easily (and cheaply) do!

I bought these pots for $1.95 each. Should I get cuter pots? Probably. But I painted and glazed these so they'll work for now.

Added some floral foam.

And stuck a dowel in as the "trunk" that I would then wrap with twigs I collected from outside.

Used twine to hide the floral wire.

I added some rocks to the pot so it wouldn't be so top heavy.

Then I added these cute nests I got at home decor store. I really think they add the much needed dimension.

These are 7-8" moss balls. I drilled holes in them and stuck it on top of the dowels.
Then tied my some fabric scraps around the top. You know me!

For the mantel I decided what it really needed was some texture but I really could only achieve that by layers. So I put these empty black frames up to create a panel look.

Then I added a bunch of frames that I got at a thrift store and painted them white and added family pics. Lastly flanking the whole display with my homemade topiaries!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mad Hatter 'Tea Time' Finale!

Hello there! Like promised I have completed my Mad Hatter 'Tea Time' and I'm ready to share with you!

Some of my inspirations!

Anthropologie Tea Kettle lights. LOVE!!


I had a big clock on the wall, and small buffet underneath. I wanted to make the buffet longer, so I took this door I found at IKEA in their AS-Is section and put it on top.

Next, I had these wood scrolls. They're suppose to sit on a dresser and then a mirror would go in the middle creating a vanity. I painted them white and decided to do it on the buffet and replace the mirror with the with the clock.!

This is what I ended with! I like it.

I love torn fabric lately so I put some on the top.

Next I thought outside corners could use something.

So I added some ceramic birds!

I found this super tall apothocary jar at DI for $5, score!

Filled it with Tea Cups.

I had this cute chalk board.

Ok, so this is how I made my towers. I had this bowl and bought this crystal candle holder at D.I. I decided to hot glue everything so they'd stay but I could still reheat and peel apart if I wanted.

Added a plate that I spray painted blue.

Added more stuff until I liked!

Another one. This is crystal my husband brought home from Sweden like 10 years ago and sat in a box. This seems like a better use!

I love this tea pot!


The finishing touch. It needed a pop of yellow because really, what doesn't!
Added some flowers to the pot.

And made this label and wrapped in twine.

took out the shelves and put in the pot.

This is an updated photo of what it looks like now. To see the Chalk Board Wall post go HERE. Tea time anyone?

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