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Friday, April 15, 2011

Design, and Dinner, Follow Function

Please Excuse the Interruption:

 I was reading this great book (available at your local library), called House Works.  It's all about organizing your household, and getting it to work for you.    This January I knew something wasn't working for me, and frankly--
I've had ENOUGH!  
It was my dinners.  We've all heard the saying,  "If you fail you plan, you plan to fail."  I'm sure lots of you may identify with the feeling of peering into the pantry scrounging up dinner 1/2 hr before the hubby gets home.  Sometimes I'd plan ahead, and I'd always make a shopping list, but not with a real plan.

So...I did it.

Did what you ask?

I spent a couple hours, planned, gathered recipes, and typed up 
Dinner Menus for 5 WEEKS!

I couldn't stop there.
I typed up the coordinating 
Grocery Shopping List for each week!


Easy stuff that tastes good, that kids like, not weird, hard to make things- I might add:)
[Some recipes I got from the Campbell's Cookbook, others from Weight Watchers 15 min meals,  others  are family recipes.]

And if anyone wants to make their life easier,  I thought I would post them here on the blog so you can print them out.  Let's get your house functioning for you.  I want less stress and more time to work on other projects when I have my meals planned, and family fed on time.  (and as my husband likes to remind me, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.")

  I'm already loving how I feel having dinners on the table.  I started Week:1 this past Monday.  So I'll share with you Week#2 for next week, and put one up a week for the next week (for 5 or 6 weeks), if you'd like to plan a long.

Put the Menu on the fridge, and take the shopping list to your pantry and check off the items you already have, then add your breakfast/lunch/snack items and you're ready for the store.

Good Luck! May the Food Force be with you!:-P

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  1. Wow. I'm impressed. A friend of mine suggested I follow- she said you were super creative but failed to mention you are a kick butt organizer, too! This will be a future goal of mine!! Thanks! http://layneslovelylife.blogspot.com


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