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Friday, April 15, 2011

Part II. Suitcases

This is part II of my suitcases, go HERE to see part one!
The labels on my suitcases are done! It didn't take me long, but like with most things I got distracted. Plus it's been so nice outside I haven't really wanted to blog. I got my first sunburn today!

So I guess working my way down from the top. On my lables I found these cute frames that already had pictures in them and were sticky on the back. So basically a sticker, but they're so much more than that! Look how cute. I don't scrap book but sometimes I wish I did because some of the stuff is so cute. Anyway, I digress! I used the "sticker" that had a picture of an old phonograph and the letters "C" and "V". This one holds CD's and VHS, stuff I don't want to quite give up yet!
Oh and I finally finished putting the vinyl on the black one. Here it is! Honestly, I would use it on my next trip. But then of course I would probably ruin it,so it's quite the conundrum.

The red one is also a favorite. I decopodged it with paper, if you haven't checked out the other post yet.
The "P" is for Photographs. Mostly duplicates, but don't worry, I have also burned them onto C.D's and in my firesafe. Tip of the day!

The "T" is for Toys.

This is a man's briefcase that I decopodge on this awesome paper, it kind of has a sketchbook/college fill to it.

It holds old magazines that have so much good stuff I can't bring myself to rip apart just yet!

The "Yellow" one that I painted has a "D" for dress-up.

The teal one holds our old Yearbooks....awh memories.
This footlocker my husband's Grandpa took to WWII, now holds Quilts. "Q"!

So there you go! Basically old stuff holding more old stuff.

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  1. So cute! Does your child seriously not try to climb that or knock it over? That wouldn't last a day in my house!!

  2. Love them!! You are so talented. I have a bunch of old suitcases, I may have to try this and USE them instead of just looking at them :))

  3. What a great project! Your suitcases look much better than mine......my project was an epic fail but oh well, will try again!

    Have a great day!



  4. These are so cute! Great job! I'm looking around my house wondering where I could add a project like this? You are very creative and I love the combo of different prints all together.

  5. How fun! Love the turquoise one especially!

  6. Wow! Love your suitcases. Can't believe the transformation you did on the briefcase! They are all awesome! Like I said...LOVE!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love being introduced to new bloggers as well as their blogs!

  7. Super Cool! I love them and love how you used those stick on frames!!

  8. Stacey, you are amazing!


  9. I love these suitcases - they are so cute! I wish I had some fun suitcases!

  10. Love those designs, although as you say best used for storage rather than travelling as they might get damaged.

  11. I just discovered your blog :) Your newest follower, stop by for a blog visit. I just did a post on a suitcase I need siuggestions.


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